Within USA: $255
Canada: $325
International: $355

Tip Over Bars for the Honda ST1300 were designed to save expensive saddle bags in the event of a tip over. These are made from high-strength steel and install through existing bolt holes.

The bars are made of solid 9/16th inch steel and have four weld points for improved rigidity. They are designed to work in conjunction with the front crash bars to protect the rear bags, trunk, panniers, and more importantly your leg should you tip-over or go down at slow speed. Although, I have had good success with crashes up to 35+ mph with them from others who have been involved in accidents with them on.


MacJD: THANK YOU JAY!!!! Riding in HEAVY Traffic in Rome last Friday I got hit by a small car on the left side of my 2005 ST, two objects definitely can not occupy the same space! I was ATGATT and thankfully I did not go down, almost but no Zippo!! The thought of going down in traffic still gives me a shiver. My Left Tip-Over bar took the brunt of the damage, bending back toward my bag a bit. I have yet to figure out how to move it back, any suggestions? I expected some damage on my saddlebag, but it did not contact the car. I think it hit near his front door. I unfortunatley did not get photo's, he bailed, not unusual here when at fault and a motorcycle is involved. I unfortunately did not have my camera's mounted for this short trip. Twice now my Tip-Over Bars have saved my bacon. Thanks again Jay for making a truly great product!! I appreciate it Brother. JD

THANKS !!!!!! I got the bars last on last month. Went to the MTF FLC2C III last weekend and my bad leg got me. Went to put ' ALLIS ' on the center stand and it was off balance the more up I pulled the more over she went OOOPS. End result nada nil nothing not a mark on the bags, mirrors, no where. THEY WORK !!!!!"

"Just got back from the hospital. On the way home from work a cager left turned in front of me at an intersection. Guy was a complete moron. In was in the intersection when he pulled out. I started braking and scrubbed off some speed when I hit a raised crack in the road. The bump caused the front wheel to lockup and the bike folded under me. I stayed on/with the bike for the twenty feet I slid. Many thanks to Bygdawg and the tip over bars, they kept the bike from crushing my legs."

"All I can say is that if you have NOT purchased the crash bars offered on this site, DO IT. Can't remember who it was that made them. If someone knows who this is, please post a link. I was making a hard left turn on a BRAND NEW fron tire when it washe out on me. Was going maybe 15 - 20 MPH. NOT A SCRATCH except where there was supposed to be (front crash bar and rear crash bar). It would have cost a heck of a lot more to replace a saddlebag than these rear crash bars cost. Who knows what else would have gotten banged up (top case, seat, etc). Just remember, IT'S NOT IF, IT"S WHEN. Someone please post link for these crash bars and EVERYONE get a pair. Thanks"